IVANKA Studio and Concrete Factory is a Budapest headquartered firm founded by Katalin Ivanka and Andras Ivanka in 2003. Its endeavour is to create desire by envisaging distinctive designs and to execute them with the background of an organized technological drive. Their work is based on the versatile nature of CONCRETE – main material chosen for creative expression through discovering unexplored attributes.
The Ivankas are dreamers and doers living in the fabulous city of Budapest in the middle of Central Europe, where the 20-year old fragile democracy is now facing a most serious paradigm shift. Through their creations with concrete, their affinity for the material and a constant search for new technological solutions, their work speaks volumes about their country of origin, and also about their approach to design.

Since its inception, IVANKA Studio has made a name for adding a design perspective to what is otherwise widely viewed as an industrial material. It is famous for its unique wall panels, FLASTER Tiles, for its special technology of monolith exposed staircases, for the Jankovits-Ivanka Concrete Sound audiophile loudspeaker design and high end engineering. IVANKA made its successful Milan Design Week debut with SEEYOU Gravestone in 2009. Embracing a 21th century taboo subject they presented AFTERLIFESTYLE – universally speaking spiritual design that transcends life. After being received with enormous enthusiasm last year at 100%Design London 2010, IVANKA’s FLASTER Tiles became an international success and were used in prestigious Liberty London’s newly renovated Beauty Hall with commissions also underway for Wahaca, Ganapati restaurants and Geronimo Inns pubs.
Pairing up with two young Hungarian fashion designers, Katalin Ivanka invented a new textile based on the esthetic qualities of concrete, and created a second segment of the first FASHION ’GENESIS’ Collection of Concrete wearables and accessories where real high performance concrete meets soft leather and textiles.

The IVANKA brand acts like a living organism that conceived and born, it enters relationships, has values, a unique identity and a personality. It loves to take risks and to improve based on both intuition and strategies.
2011 December IVANKA established its third company: IVANKA Factory Zrt. corporation. (Nearly ten years ago the two founders Andras and Katalin have started with IR-Comp BT. limited partnership, an already existing company taken over for the start of their brand new activity. 2011 January IVANKA Concrete KFT.,-an LTD. had also been founded for the division of the main export products.) Developing the small family business of husband and wife into a new professional corporate structure opened the door to investors and led to the opening of an Advisory Board, a body of professionals from different fields of expertise to become involved in giving the Board meaningful assistance in its decisions and day-to-day life.

awards and appreciations

“Év Ékszere 2012-Jewel of the Year 2012”
The jury has chosen nine awarded artists, and there has been a people’s choice award for the tenth. IVANKA studio / Szabó Anna ORGEN JEWELRY collection has become award-winning entry according to the decision of the jury.

“Best Stand in Show Award at Tent London 2011”
“The IVANKA stand at Tent London captured the very essence of what makes for a great stand; beautifully made products presented in an inspiring open format. The bold stand design using the very bright Tent blue allowed for compete interaction by visitors who were invited to create their own pieces in order to gain an understanding of the core material on display, concrete. The IVANKA selected products on display demonstrated the versatility of the material which included tableware, jewellery, fashion items and surface materials for interior projects. The IVANKA team also went to great lengths to promote their participation and in so doing ensured they had a very successful event”, Jimmy MacDonald, Director, Tent London & Superbrands London.

“HG.hu Design Awards 2011”
Award winner finalist in ‘Product’ category on HG Design Award 2011 for FLASTER Tiles

“MAKE ME! Awarded Project”
SEEYOU has been selected among the awarded projects of MAKE ME! Design Competition at Lodz Design Festivsl

“Living Etc Like”
Appreciation given by Living Etc magazine to IVANKA at 100% Design London 2010 for FLASTER Tiles

“EDIDA 2009/2010 - Flooring of the year”
Flooring category winner of the Hungarian leg of Elle Decoration International Design Awards with FLASTER tiles

“Hungarian Design Award 2009”
Special Award from the Ministry of Education and Culture – State Secretariat for Culture, in product category for SEEYOU Gravestone “Palermo Design Week Award 2009” 2009

“Palermo Design Week”
Award was assigned to Studio IVANKA and designers Ákos Maurer Klimes and Péter Kucsera for their project “Seeyou”

“Építőipari Nívódí 2008”
Construction Industry Award for Excellence for Krüll-Ung Office Building

“Hungarian Design Award 2007”
Finalist, Exhibited work – AEROM CONCRETE SOUND High End Loudspeakers

“FORMareFORM 2003”
In 2003 IVANKA received the award of the Hungarian Design Council for the most creative and innovative Hungarian design furniture. Founded by the Hungarian Patent Office and being adjudged every year within the scope of “Mai Magyar Bútor-tár” representing modern Hungarian furniture, home accessories, lifestyle concepts.


MILAN DESIGN WEEK / Anatomia Del Design 2012 Milan, Italy 17-22 April
Lakástrend – MadeinHungary / Jewelry of the year 2012 Award exposed 2012 Budapest, Hungary 2-4 March
Made in Hungary PLUS 2011 Delft, The Netherlands 24 Nov-22 Dec
hg.hu Design Award Exhibition 2011 Budapest, Hungary 7-16 Oct
Couleur Locale at Design Terminal 2011 Budapest, Hungary 30 Sept-1 Nov
5EN AZ ÖTKERTBEN – Budapest Design Week 2011 Budapest, Hungary 29 Sept-1 Oct
TENT London 2011 – London Design Week 2011 London, UK 22-25 Sept
IVANKA at N.o.A. Showroom – Milan Design Week 2011 Milan, Italy 11-17 April
Lakástrend és Design Kiállítás, Műcsarnok
– flooring installation for Code-Decode
2011 Budapest, Hungary 4-6 Mar
Lodz Design Festival MAKE ME! EXHIBITION 2010 Lodz, Poland 14-30 Oct
Concrete Wearables – Budapest Design Week 2010 Budapest, Hungary 8-14 Oct
100% DESIGN LONDON – ITD Hungarian National presentation 2010 London, UK 23-26 Sept
HIDDEN HEROES 2010 + Oscar Niemeyer Homage Exhibition with IVANKA at ZonaTortona 2010 Milan, Italy 14-19 April
iSALONI MILANO, SALONESATELLITE April 2010 Milan, Italy 14-19
GreenEXPO 2010 Budapest, Hungary 19-21 March
IAESTE INSIDE - Innovative Steps in Development 2010 Budapest, Hungary 16-18 March
Budapest Design Week 2009 – AFTERLIFESTYLE 2009 Budapest, Hungary 2-11 Oct
Real-World Laboratory Central European Design at Wienna Design Week 2009 Vienna, Austria 1-7 Oct
Real-World Laboratory Central European Design 2009 Kortrijk, Belgium 19 Jun-2 Aug
Palermo design Week – invited guest, exhibitor 2009 Palermo, Italy 25-31 May
Real-World Laboratory Central European Design iSaloni Milano –Salone Satellite 2009 Bratislava, Slovakia 28 Apr-31May
MILAN DESIGN WEEK 2009 2009 Milan, Italy 22-27 Apr
Europe XXL 2009 Tourcoing, France 3 Mar-6 Apr
IMM Cologne 2009 – DESIGNSPOTTER Stand invited exhibitor 2009 Cologne, Germany 19-25 Jan
Biennale Internationale Design St.-Étienne invited exhibitor 2008 St.-Étienne, France 15-30 Nov
EU Gateway to Japan Construction materials Trade Mission 2007 Tokyo, Japan  
Lakástrend és Design Kiállítás, Műcsarnok Hometrend and Design 2007 Budapest, Hungary  
ELLE Décor Christmas Tree Show designer: Sütő Kata 2006 Budapest, Hungary  
Sneaker Pimps – Touring sneaker show 2006 Budapest, Hungary  
Lakástrend és Design Kiállítás Hometrend and Design, Palace of Arts 2006 Budapest, Hungary  
EU Gateway to Japan Building Materials Trade Mission 2005 Tokyo, Japan 12-16 Sept
Interior Lifestyle EU Gateway to Japan programme participant 2005 Tokyo, Japan 21-25 Jun
Wohnen & Interieur 2005 Vienna, Austria  
Lakástrend és Design Hometrend and Design, Palace of Arts 2005 Budapest, Hungary  
Wohnen & Interieur 2004 Vienna, Austria  
Lakástrend és Design Hometrend and Design, Palace of Arts 2004 Budapest, Hungary  
Lakásművészeti és Belsőépítészeti Szakkiállítás’ 2003 Kecskemét, Hungary  
First Hungarian Street Furniture Fair 2003 Miskolc, Hungary  
Wohnen & Interieur 2003 Vienna, Austria  
International World of Furniture Mai Magyar Bútortár 2003 Budapest, Hungary  

collaborations and causes

Sponsor of SZGM “Dante Empire” Dante Live Style event
IVANKA provided flooring tiles installation for the presentation of the artist Szőke Gábor Miklós at Lalástrend és Design 2012 Exhibition, Millenáris B Hall, Budapest

Partner of Budapest ArtMarket 2011 – Monolith Artspace presents ‘mauvais garcons’

Partner of Budapest Art Fair 2010 – Monolith Artspace presenting SFMOMA
IVANKA Studio and Concrete Company (www.ivanka.hu) has been asked to create a monolithic installation for MONOLITH ARTSPACE presenting SFMOMA San Fransisco Museum of Modern Art during the Budapest ART.FAIR 2010 at Palace of Art / Műcsarnok in Hungary, for the first time.

Organizer and sponsor of ‘SARGI – The first exhibition of my life’ event

Sponsor of Critical Mass
Green Bikes For Peace Project: International cycling tour through 5 countries with Cultural and environmental programs at the stops of the tour

Partner of Budapest Design Week 2008
Main partner organizer, sponsor and official inviting party of Marcel Wanders special guest star designer.

Sponsor of WAMP NL
No Limit: 3 day-long WAMP Dutch Festival with Dutch designers 22-24th February 2008

Sponsor of KÉK
KÉK Kortárs Építészeti Központ Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Center.

Katalin Ivanka and Andras Ivanka
are dreamers and doers living in the fabulous city of Budapest.

Bulcsu utca 13. H-1134
Budapest, Hungary

Ujszasz utca 47/C.
H-1165 Budapest, Hungary

Phone: +36 20 398 5511
E-mail: info@ivanka.hu  
URL: http://www.ivanka.hu

Join for the freshest updates and contribute: www.facebook.com/ivankapage
News Portal by SARGI: www.sargika.wordpress.com
AFTERLIFESTYLE Seeyou Project: www.afterlifestyle.com

lectures, workshops and other events

defo labor Design Nyelviskola (Design Language School) – TERMÉK LÉTREHOZÁS-KOMMUNIKÁCIÓ- 2012 Budapest, Hungary 24 May
StartUP Underground Conference – invited Lecturer 2012 Budapest, Hungary 8 March
StartUP Underground V.I.P. Est – invited Lecturer / Succes Stories 2012 Budapest, Hungary 7 March
HOLCIM ‘100 years’ Anniversary Conference – lecture IVANKA, the aesthetics of concrete 2012 Budapest, Hungary 2 March
Ajándék Terminál – Christmas Shop and Auction 2011 Budapest, Hungary 8-18 Dec
XXII. CEO Summit (XXII. vezérigazgató találkozó) – gastro roundtable 2011 Röjtökmuzsaj, Hun 12-14 Oct
Design and Innovation Conference – lecture 2011 Budapest, Hungary 6 Oct
IVANKA Concrete Design Award Cermony 2011 Budapest, Hungary 28 Sept
Lafarge Strabag Királyegyháza Cement Plant inauguration – lecture 2011 Királyegyháza, Hun 15 Sept
Lecturer at KREA Art School 2011 Budapest, Hungary 14 Sept
Látszóbeton Konferencia 2011 Debrecen, Hungary 19 May
Youth On The Move – roundtable 2010 Budapest, Hungary 9 Oct
Workshop lesson for Moholy- Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) DLA Training 2010 Budapest, Hungary 3 March
IVANKA Open Studio Day 2009 Budapest, Hungary 6 Oct
Lecturer at KREA Art School 2009 Budapest, Hungary 15 Sep
Pointzero Roundtable 2009 Budapest, Hungary 7 May
Lecturer at IOB TU Delft 2008 Delft, The Netherlands 28 Nov
Pecha Pecha Kucha Night Budapest Vol.09 Presenter Special Edition – Design 2008 Budapest, 6 Oct
’Dirty Hands’ Open day in the factory – IVANKA workshop and prsentations, Bp Design Week 2008 2008 Budapest, Hungary 7 Oct
Presenter at ’Szövetség 39 Design Day’ 2008 Budapest, Hungary 3 Oct
TU Delft Industrial Design Faculty Springtrip workshop 2008 Budapest, Hungary 30 Apr
Change of pace: chance and identity in Hungarian design – seminar and roundtable 2007 Budapest, Hungary 10 Oct
Lecturer at KREA Art School 2007 Budapest, Hungary Sep
Speaker at Design Focus ’Brands at InSpiral’ Hometrend & Design Exhibition 2007 Budapest, Hungary 8 May
Pecha Pecha Kucha Night Budapest Vol.01 Presenter 2006 Budapest, Hungary 15 Dec
Lecturer at „Új utakon” – International Symposium about concrete 2006 Pécs, Hungary 20 Oct
Lecturer at KREA Art School 2006 Budapest, Hungary Sept
Lecturer at KREA Art School 2005 Budapest, Hungary Sept